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Birch Benders


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When Birch Benders first reached out to us they said they were looking for a partner who could shoot photo and video for their products. 

We set up a test shoot where they told us to "have fun." And we did. Fast forward a year and we've produced over a dozen shoots for them as their brand has exploded into one of the largest natural pancake companies in the US.

"Hale is a true all star when it comes to getting high quality, creative and impactful content to use across social, digital and beyond! The team brings unique ideas to the table, while adhering to the overall brand vision. 10/10 would recommend Hale to any company looking to connect to their consumers with memorable photography + videography!"

Emma, Digital Marketing Manager

Behind the Scenes with Birch Benders

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Birchbenders, pancakes, waffled, production, studio kitchen, video camera
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