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Production Studio + Rental

When we started in our small office in South Park we weren’t sure what kind of clients we were going to attract and what would be the source of most of our income. After about a year of shooting we realized that brands need a large amount of quality content in a short period of time for a good price. For us to offer that, we knew we were going to have to control the environments in which we were shooting. That’s when we started designing and building out loft spaces to meet our clients' needs and also keep our shoots efficient from a workflow and financial perspective. Today, Hale Production Studios is a production company and a studio rental business simultaneously. Our studio loft spaces in San Diego’s East Village are setup for our own client shoots and are also available for rent, ranging from photo and video productions and private events.

Over the past two years, we’ve come to find a good balance between booking our own productions and managing rental requests — which frequently come in at the last minute. At the moment, our business is still primarily focused on our own productions. But having our own rental spaces means that our team can take a break when necessary, while the company still brings in semi-passive income through rentals. It’s definitely stressful to manage schedules and ensure that we’re not double booking our production schedules, and it hurts to turn down last minute work that pays well because we’ve already committed to a rental, but the ability to have a mixture of revenue sources in one small business makes it extremely worth it.

Having our own rental space has also introduced us to a variety of brands and people that we’ve been excited to connect and share our studio with. From Qualcomm, Tradlands and Kashi, these brands have brought a unique perspective to the space while they shoot product and lifestyle imagery.

Interested in working with us or renting our space? Our lofts have an urban loft feel that is rare in San Diego. We have huge ceilings, windows and exposed white brick design elements. There is a fully functioning kitchen that was designed to shoot recipes and cooking videos — plus a variety of furniture and styling accessories. And we keep all the extras on set to help with your productions - like clothing racks, steamers, styling props, light grip equipment and more.

Read more about our rental spaces here and send us a DM or an email with any questions you might have!

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