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Ripple is another one of our remote clients we love working with.

We partner with their marketing agency to concept and plan video shoots for their digital ads. Their demo includes a lot of kids so we get to showcase our child wrangling special talents. 

"The CTR on our last ad you produced is +194% higher than our benchmark (across all ads, not just video) and the recall rate for the video is almost 2x our other ads. We're pretty excited especially since Q4 is typically a slower month for us."

Ashley, Marketing Communications Manager

Behind the Scenes with Ripple

little girl wearing face mask, white table, hand sanitizer, furniture in the background
production, cookies, Ripple, mother, daughter, camera
studio kitchen, video camera, table corner,
camera, camera dolley, blue seamless back drop, ripple milk, pedestal, camera man
Green seamless, stylish loft, makeup artist
production slate, Blurred production imagery, video camera
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