We are more than just photographers. We sit down with you from the first planning session and carry it all the way through the final edits. The experience is seamless, organized, and dedicated to capturing the exact feel you're after. We aim to take clean, stylish, and timeless photos.

"I worked with Hale productions for the launch of my cycling studio in Seattle.  Kirk and Alexis were so amazing to work with.  They provided us with direction while still staying true to our visions for the content." - Lauren P. - Indoor Cycling Studio Owner

"In 2 hours, they produced over 100 photo's for my portfolio (which was much more than our original agreement). They delivered the pictures to me quickly, before their originally suggested time frame. It was obvious these two knew what they were doing shortly after we started shooting. But when I received the pictures I was humbly blown away." - Thomas C. - Fitness Model


Your business is more than just the work you do. It is also who you are. Our Lifestyle photoshoots put context to your brand that make you immediately relatable to your audience.


We promise we will not eat the food until the picture if perfect. Truth is, we know the labor that goes into recipe prep and the entire production process of a food photoshoot. We have shot for multiple restaurants as well as a complete farm-to-table style cookbook and love to shoot everything from fun drinks to delicious desserts. The key is the timing within the production itself, and we've got that covered.


Hale originally started as a yoga and kickboxing studio. It was only after we fell in love with marketing that we turned into a production studio. Needless to say, we know yoga and fitness. The key to movement photography is knowing where to be and if a pose needs adjustments or not. We're on it.


If you build it we will come, and take pictures. To the architects, designers, landscapers, and anyone making spaces more beautiful - we know how to get all the good angles - from wide shots to feature details.


Over the last four years we've covered over 350 events from San Diego to Hong Kong. We make sure to get the key stakeholders as well as capture candid shots of attendees having a great time. We've got a system down with quick edits that allows for insanely fast turnarounds.

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Hale Production Studios is a full-service photography, videography and brand management company. We are located in South Park, San Diego but are willing & able to follow you on whatever adventures you seek, with a camera in hand.

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