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Launching a brand from ground zero

JOYÀ we underground a full rebrand in preparation for a national e-commerce and retail launch. With ambitious content needs (reshooting all packaging for web as well as creating paid ads), we helped their small team generate a creative campaign idea that would check all the boxes across channels.


Website, Amazon, social, paid ads






Faced with the challenge of both creating an ad campaign for social AND generating website content within a 1 day shoot, we had to get creative. With a full crew and four talent, we rolled through various setups throughout the day with video and stills to capture every moment, from scripted to candid. Not surprisingly, some of the candid moments ended up being the client's favorites.


Because JOYÀ did not have an internal creative team, we took on the role of creative agency and presented several concepts, then executed upon the client's favorite. We worked with their marketing team on scripting and the desired visual aesthetic, and then went to work.


What we ended up with were four unique vignettes capturing the "key benefits and moment of use" of the 4 hero products, as well as a kitchen setup for each on "how to make" this line of mix-in adaptogenic lattes.


The creative had to feel irreverent and JOY-ful, yet also adhere to a strict set of guidelines on what we could say or show given that all JOYÀ's products are categorized as dietary supplements.

The end result was something special.


We delivered over 40+ selects and 100+ raw photography assets from the shoot day, as well as 5x video creatives for paid Meta.

The assets were ultimately used to populate their website and Amazon as well as support the launch through organic + paid content on Meta.

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