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Omnichannel digital + CTV for a nationally-growing brand

We started working with them in early 2021 and helped build up their asset library with a series of two-day shoots covering everything from tabletop photography to vertical shorts for social ads. Then we stepped up the engagement and shot an ad for CTV. 


Website + social content, paid ads


The Good Patch




The most recent shoot was a two-day engagement. The first day was dedicated entirely to the ad with the second day being a more typical photo + video product and lifestyle volume day. 

We worked with comedian/influencer - Katherine Ellis - for the commercial spot and agency talent from Shamon Freitas for the second day. 

Our in-house team handled scripting, shotlists, production schedules, casting, shooting, and editing. Jiyan came in big as our stylist - creating 3 unique scenes for the commercial. 


We shoot a lot of comedy driven skits internally. But we rarely get asked to do that for clients. Mostly because CPG and DTC brands in California benefit from a bright, clean, and aspirational aesthetic. 

When we saw the early concept come through from The Good Patch, we were pumped. 

They had outlined a rough concept of a Q & A done from the perspective of an influencer. They provided all the important technical talking points and we wrote in the rest. 

We wanted to break the fourth wall and call in some Fleabag inspo to grab the audience's attention right off the bat (without being corny or gimmicky). 

Then it was onto set design concepts. We had the idea of making it a press conference. We also like the thought of a cold open comedy stage. We detoured somehow and ended up with the idea for a bubble bath - which was incredibly complicated from a logistics standpoint since we didn't have a functional tub at the time in our studio.

After all that was locked, we moved onto lighting and wardrobe. The team all took turns with the production schedule, adding specific touches to tie the whole concept together. 

The two days were packed. Day 1 was super smooth. Katherine was incredible and kept the set fun for the entire day. Until we put her in a mock bubble bath without any hot water. Day 2 was a little more autopilot with lots of product being hot-swapped into scenes with various talent. We shot a series of vertical - UGC style - videos as well as a bunch of product and lifestyle photography. 

4.28.22 The Good Patch -19120355.jpg

The results

Day 1 was designed to deliver a 60s, 30s, and 15s ad for CTV and paid social. With all the different variations (aspect ratios, end cards for Target, and lengths), we exported 32 video files. 


Day 2 produced around 60 still images and 10 short (10-15s) videos all in vertical formats. 

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