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Refreshing Amazon + E-Comm Storefront

We revolutionized Grace Homeware’s Amazon storefront with our tailored content creation, specifically designed for their brand, which led to a surge in website engagement and a significant uptick in lead generation.


Amazon Storefront, Organic Social, Paid Ads


Grace Homewares



Our Process

Grace Homewares was at a crossroads in enhancing their Amazon storefront's appeal. The key issue was conveying the superior quality and unique style of their olive oil dispensers amidst a sea of competitors.


Recognizing the need for specialized product photography for Amazon, specifically tailored to reflect their brand's warmth and reliability; they understood it was a strategic move to build customer trust and improve conversions in a platform where the visual experience often dictates purchasing decisions.

Our plan kicked off with a full-day photo and video shoot for two of their main product lines. We began with classic white backgrounds, then added some sharp, modern shadows to really make the bottles pop, all while keeping the option to go back to basics if needed.


We also shot the products in a kitchen setting to show them in action, finishing off with a warm, sunlit tabletop scene that felt like a family gathering around a meal.

The end result yielded over 40 stunning images and two 30-second videos that transformed their Amazon storefront. This content overhaul not only differentiated Grace Homewares from their competitors but also set a new standard for their digital presence.

Grace Homewares Olive Dispenser Bottle

Amazon + Dot-Com

Not only did we shoot all the content, but we also provided creative support with graphic design + copywriting for Grace Homewares' Amazon product pages.


All of our creative packages include graphic design support so your content is ready to go out-of-the-box.

Grace Shopify
Grace Homwares Mobile View

Utilizing video

If a picture's worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a thousand pictures. We created informational and engaging product videos for use on the Amazon pages, website and social media.

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