We shoot everything you need for social media — photos, videos, brand trailers, IGTV Q&A, 15s vertical shorts, cute and catchy animations, and whatever else you need to beat the evil algorithm. 


We book our shoots for 1/2 and full days. Many of our clients work with us on retainer to create their content monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. We can adapt our services and packages to shoot any combination of content you might need — 1/2 day photoshoot one month for a new product launch, About Us Brand Trailer the next month, and any mix in between. 


We can handle all of the pre-production planning - from creating style guides, shotlists, and mood boards, to casting talent, scouting locations, and putting together the production schedule.

We have a full in-house team that shoots photo and video simultaneously on shoot days so you'll always

know that the team you're working with is focused on capturing your brand.


Our editing process takes less than 10 days for videos and less than 5 days for photos. We don't get into the game of rights or restrictions — everything that we shoot that is usable is yours to keep and use how you'd like.


We charge flat rates for 1/2 and full-day productions and will capture as much content as possible within those time frames. For more information on our rates and deliverables, send us a message

From 3 second GIFs to 5 minute personal stories, we will cover you. 

We shoot studio for ecommerce as well as styled product and lifestyle imagery. See our client work below.





The Crafter's Box




Our stunning East Village Loft Studio Rental offers all the amenities in a beautiful space for creative work.

3200 sq. ft  Up to 150 people



Kirk was raised in metro Detroit on a steady diet of meat, potatoes and team sports. As a competitive athlete, he relied on his power and dominant attitude to excel. Years later, when he took up martial arts, he was tossed around a sweaty dojo for months by various women and children. This led to an exploration of ancient Eastern philosophies, which, in turn, led Kirk to Taiwan, where he taught English, studied martial arts and ate a lot of delicious and strange street food.

Today he owns Hale Productions in San Diego. He has traveled the world taking photos and making videos for hundreds of clients in different fields. Some of the most notable are lululemon, Chosen Foods, and Shutterfly. In his spare time he is training to be a legit horse whisperer in Ramona.

Hale Production Studios is a full-service photography, videography, and brand management company. We are located in East Village, San Diego, but are willing and able to follow you on whatever adventures you seek with a camera in hand.

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