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How It Works

From 3 second GIFs to product photos to 5 minute Brand Trailers, we've got you covered.

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Step 1: Discovery Call

We like to schedule 30 minute phone calls to walk through the potential scope of a project and understand the kind of content you need captured.

Ripple Foods
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Step 2: Shot List

You could argue this is the most important piece for a shoot. And arriving at a shotlist can be overwhelming if you’re not used to shooting all the time. Which is why we are here to help – with sample shotlists, phone calls, email correspondence, and overall guidance on getting that coveted list of desired assets.

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Step 3: Production

By the time you arrive, we will have already set the space up for your shoot. And depending on what kind of shoot it is, we might utilize as many as five different setups. From tabletop flatlays to recipe videos in our kitchen, we design our shoots to be as versatile as your content needs.


Our crew will be caffeinated and ready to shoot at our designated start time. And you can be as involved or hands-off as you want.

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Let's Talk!

We'd love to hear what you're working on and how we can help. Send us a message about your content needs.

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Step 4: File Delivery

This is where we get to shine. We know how important it is to have a constant stream of content, which is why we turn around our edits faster than we return phone calls to our families. 


For photos, you can expect images within 7 days of the shoot. For videos, you can expect a first version of the edits within 10 days of the shoot. All of the content will be uploaded to Google Drive for your review.

What We Do

We shoot everything you need for social media — photos, videos, brand trailers, IGTV Q&A, 15s vertical shorts, cute and catchy animations, and whatever else you need to beat the evil algorithm. 

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Our Services

Full service is an overused term, but we promise to take it seriously.

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Product Photo & Video
Lifestyle Photo & Video
About Us Brand Interview
How To/Product Informational Videos
Stop Motion Animation

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Our Shoots

We charge flat rates for productions and will capture as much content as possible within those time frames. Our shoots are available as:

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Full Day Shoots
Half Day Shoots

Our Work

We want you to know what is possible for your brand. Take a peek at some of our work for our clients.

Our Clients Include

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Our Team

We know you'll love the content we capture. We also think you might enjoy spending time with us.

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Meet the team photo: Alyssa