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Client Feature : Grace Homewares

Normally when clients with a side hustle come to us for content creation there is some sticker shock. Especially when working with those selling on Amazon.

The overwhelming majority just want simple photos on white backdrop and a short product video with iPhone quality.

When wife and husband team Emily and Tony (Grace Homewares) came to us inquiring about content for their Amazon storefront they were open to a different approach.

We let them know that if they invested a little more up front on their content they would experience better conversions in the storefront and, ultimately, the upfront spend would pay for itself quickly.

When thinking about the customer experience on Amazon it's important to remember that the whole game is creating a sense of trust around the quality of the product. The easiest way to build that trust is to show your clients you're willing to invest in your content.

We spent a full day shooting 2 different product lines. We started with the simple white background photos. Then we added some style. We went with a high-key, hard shadow look to give the product some sharpness, separation, and a modern feel. The shadows can easily be removed in post if something more traditional is ever needed.

Then we shot everything in-situ so prospective clients would get more perspective and understanding of how the product would work in their every day environments.

After that, we moved to styled tabletop. Our favorite. Since it was an olive oil dispenser we wanted to bring in some warmth (and bread!). We used hard lights with tungsten gels to give the feeling of sun rays falling over a table spread.

We shot photo and video simultaneously (our specialty) so we were able to deliver 40+ images and 2x30s videos for their storefront. A quick search of their competitors will quickly show why it was a good investment to have us produce more elevated content.

We checked in with them after they updated the content and they let us know all the imagery was performing extremely well and they'd be booking with us again soon for their next product launch.

Moral of the story - find clients who are willing to invest in high quality work and then deliver something that is going to make them fall in love with their brand.

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