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Goldbug: Launching A B2B Brand Into The B2C World

Updated: May 8

Goldbug is a giant brand you’ve probably never heard of. They have been quietly producing baby products (mostly clothing and accessories) and white-labeling them for brands you see daily in Target, Walmart, and other big-box retailers. 

Because they were having so much success in the B2B space, they didn’t need to pay much attention to their customer-facing image. Their branding, website, packaging, etc., were not things that would necessarily inspire a young person to take up a career in branding or graphic design. But it didn’t matter—they had all the business they needed and a sterling reputation

So Why Switch From B2B to B2C?

From a most basic standpoint, the margins are significantly healthier in B2C. But there are so many barriers to entry from the start-up phase to the point where you are doing deals with Target. Since Goldbug already had these established relationships with retailers, they were able to get back into the B2C vertical without taking on the same amount of risk as an unknown start-up brand. The hardest part for them was going to be refacing the brand so it had the proper aesthetic for retail partnerships. 

From a design standpoint, Goldbug leveraged Scorpion Rose Studio's services. From a marketing standpoint, they worked with the extremely talented Amanda Bernal. Amanda reached out to us for help with the content portion of things. She saw a lot of our previous work with large baby brands like Tula, Dockatot, and ECR4Kids.

Goldbug was going to need a full suite of assets for the website rebrand.

  • Website banner video (combining compelling imagery for major product SKUs)

  • Lifestyle images for each new product SKU (in multiple colorways)

  • E-comm photos for PDPs (product description pages)

The Plan for B2B Brand

We knew we needed to divide our crew into two separate teams for this B2B Brand—one for lifestyle and one for e-comm. 

The majority of folks went with the lifestyle team because we needed to shoot photos and videos with multiple families in multiple environments. The team consisted of one photographer, one videographer, one stylist, and one production assistant. 

We had four setups within our studio that all got custom treatments from our stylist. And since we were working with babies 3-6 months, we had to over-cast talent to make sure we got the shots we needed. In total, we had eight families (2 for each location, booked in overlapping 90-minute increments). 

We needed to make sure we captured all of the products clearly and accurately, but we also wanted to capture genuine, loving moments between parents and their children. If you’ve ever worked with babies on set, you know how difficult this can be. You have to be as planned and set up as possible while still allowing time and space for natural moments to occur. It was often after we called “cut” that the best interactions took place. 

For the e-commerce photography, we relied on a seasoned photographer and a photo assistant to ensure that we completed the 40 SKU shotlist within the one-day shoot parameters.  

The Results

It was definitely a full day. Production is a lot like the restaurant industry in that it requires a special type of person. We made it through 4 setups, eight babies, and dozens of SKUs to complete everything in our agreed-upon scope. 

Goldbug launched its new website and partnerships with big box retailers with the help of our signature digital content haul

We are looking forward to future shoots with them, during which we can focus more on campaign-driven content and explore the creative a little more.

Interested in learning more about our services? Schedule a call or contact us today!

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