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How To Make Your Content More Engaging

Updated: Apr 26

Scroll to the end for 3 tips on improving your engagement


Some of the best content we've ever shot has fallen flat when we posted on our socials. At the same time, the BTS from that same shoot will get tens of thousands of views. Even more, the mockumentary-style skits we shoot with our staff get hundreds of thousands of views. 

What does that mean? 

People are no longer stopping to view content that looks or feels like a traditional 'ad'. They are attracted to specific brands and content creators that showcase content in a very organic, DIY fashion. They want to see how things are made, who's behind the scenes, and how the product can fit into their daily lives. That's why content with a personal touch and feel performs better than the generic or 'salesy' versions. 

A caveat - All of this is platform-specific. Meaning - something on TikTok/Instagram reels will need to be very UGC/influencer focused while an ad that is meant to be streaming on CTV (Hulu, Peacock, YouTube) can be slightly more traditional (scripted, cast talent, voiceover, title cards, etc.) because the audience has no choice but to sit through it while waiting for their show to come back on.

On TikTok/Instagram, there is an endless stream of content in the pipeline; all they have to do is swipe to get rid of you. 

Tips to Make Engaging Content

A few easy takeaways to help your content engage better:

  1. Consider the platform. See above. Learn how the audience uses each specific platform and alter your content to suit that viewership better. Sometimes, content shot on an iPhone will get better engagement than content shot on a Red or Arri camera. 

  2. Make it personal. Even if the story isn't yours - it should be someone's. A customer avatar, a supplier, an employee, etc. It's helpful to add personalities to brands so your audience can begin to form a relationship with those personalities. 

  3. Whenever possible, show use cases. The more your customer can see themselves interacting with the product in their everyday life, the better. Outside of simple e-comm shots for Amazon or PDPs, imagery should have hands/bodies/engagement whenever possible. 

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