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How We Work

Updated: Apr 30


One of the biggest challenges for brands is generating enough unique content to satisfy all of the platforms. We invented ourselves to solve this issue. Being able to shoot commercial photos and videos for products and lifestyle (often at the same time) has made us an essential multi-tool for over 100 brands.

We can customize and adjust the formula every single shoot to make sure our clients are constantly getting what they need.

Our Clients and How we work with

We have been shooting commercial photos and videos for over 7 years in San Diego. We work with some of California's biggest brands, like Manscaped, Chosen Foods, SmartyPants Vitamins, Boochcraft, The Good Patch - and so on. Our expertise is creating content that converts for paid digital ads.

We have figured out how to best utilize photos and video for engagement and conversions. We've done this so well that multiple clients have gotten acquired because their revenue dramatically increased after our engagements.  

You can find write-ups on the success of our content through Shopify and Facebook Business -including a case study that showed a 100% increase in conversions for BUBS Naturals after working with us.

How to Create Content for Clients

Keeping everything in-house is part of what helps us create great content for our clients. We are fully staffed with producers, directors, videographers, photographers, and editors. We're all on the calls. We're all taking time to get to know our clients. When we take something from that initial call to the final edit, we can be sure that nothing is lost in translation. 

We also spend a lot of time on social media. More than we probably should. But we can always tell anyone judging us that, "it's for work."

The Role of Advertising

Knowing what is happening in advertising is important. From the large brand commercials to the nuanced trending audio clips on TikTok, there is an inspiration.  

Our Production Studio

Another cool thing we offer is our beautiful loft space in Downtown San Diego. We can shoot photos and videos in up to 7 different lifestyle environments and tabletop and seamless for projects with more specific art direction.

The process of Creative Planning

We love the creative planning process. Getting off the first discovery call and putting concepts together is when we are at our best. But we're flexible. If you've got a plan and just need us to shoot, we're here for you too.

Project scopes can cover the full gamut - planning, conception, scheduling, casting, propping, shooting, and editing... or we can piece it together depending on your time and budget.

Check out more of our work samples on our website


Contact us for more info on how we can help your brand!

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