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How Does Our Content Perform?

Updated: May 2

We all dream of the same client - easy to work with, big budget, loves our ideas - and - already has an existing marketing funnel and need for recurring content.

 If you see one, please send it our way ;)

A lot of the work we've done with brands has started at a really small scale, just like us. We've grown with these brands and often seen them off through acquisitions (see: SmartyPants, Chosen Foods, Birch Benders, etc.). In the beginning, we were just happy to be working with cool clients and seeing nice images show up on the back of the camera.

Those were the teenage years.

Now we focus a lot on how our content is performing in the world. We want to know how our clients are using it, what's converting the best, and how it is impacting their bottom line. It's less romantic than the original days of being pleased enough with a good frame, but it's fascinating in its own right.

It didn't even occur to us to follow up after a shoot and see how everything was doing. Full disclosure - there might've been some insecurities about our abilities in the beginning that impacted that. And, it's not something clients typically offer out of nowhere. Since it wasn't our initial priority, we never asked and we didn't know any better.

Our Production Journey

Once we started asking, the results were pretty wild.

Ripple Food

Ripple Foods Co. told us, "The CTR is +194% higher than our benchmark and the recall rate for the video is almost 2x our other ads." And that they weren't even going to have to shoot new content the following quarter because the videos were still converting so well. (great! but also, no more shoots?!)

Bubs Naturals

Bubs Naturals was featured by Shopify after they invested in a 2-day shoot with us to create their DTC avenue. They saw a 100% increase in conversions after the shoot and a 10% overall increase in revenue. That massive increase had an immediate impact on their business and helped them close a new round of funding at an 8-figure valuation.

Elm & Rye

Elm & Rye engaged us for Product Photography as well as explainer videos for their product sales pages. They had never done a video before. After they populated the pages with our content, conversions were immediately up 25% with one brand and the owner told me the other brand was, "completely blowing up right now. It's crazy."

All of this is to say, we have come a long way in our little production journey. And we're good at what we do. Also...we don't want to spend a lot of time selling ourselves to clients. Instead, we want them to understand that when they hire us to create content for their digital ads, they are going to see a direct increase in conversions and sales. Our work pays for itself.

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