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Production Deep Dive : Nature's Sunshine

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Nature's Sunshine is quietly a massive supplements brand with over 500 products in distribution. I say quietly because even though everyone has subconsciously seen this brand, they don't always remember where. 

Enter our long-time client, Kate (formerly from Chosen Foods). She has come on board Nature's Sunshine with the goal of establishing their brand and voice in the digital space. And because we helped launch so many successful products/campaigns with her at Chosen Foods, she wanted to bring us into the fold and drum up some of that digital magic. 

How We Met:

See above :) 

Scope of Work:

This particular video production was already in the works when we came on board. There was already a basic shotlist and some creative direction. The main object - lots and lots of macro videos for their ad agency to use in future campaigns.

As we got involved with the creative, it evolved to include more lifestyle content at our home studio - Influence Studios. And because of the unique, pre-lit and pre-styled nature of Influence, their in-house social content creator was able to shoot a ton of iPhone reels in the lifestyle sets. 

We broke the shoot up into 1.5 days of product video and a 1/2 day of lifestyle video. Because Kate is one of our all-time favorite clients, we were able to find some time to grab a few stills as well. One of the benefits of our setup for doing commercial photography and video is that we shoot exclusively on continuous lights so we have the ability to grab photos and video at the same time. It takes some choreography between the photographer and videographer but we've had plenty of practice.  

As a client, you end up with more deliverables that can be scattered across all your different digital platforms without having to book separate shoots. 

Production Process:

We dedicated the first full day to macro videos. Specifically focusing on their Greens product. We stayed on the product table all day with a slightly warm, neutral backdrop. 

Everyone in the supplements space is chasing after AG1 content. If you're on a creative call with a client who has a green powder, you can rest assured you're going to see Athletic Greens as inspo. While we totally agree that AG1 produces amazing content, we thought their tabletop video was a little too sterile/Apple-esque for Nature's Sunshine. Our goal was to have every visual appear to be lightly kissed by the sun. 

The second day was split between lifestyle video in a few different sets as well as some more tabletop product photos and video of individual SKUS and hero groupings. 


In the end, we sent off over 15 minutes of macro tabletop video highlights (in 60fps and 24fps) as well as 30+ unique stills. 

We put together our own edit for a 15s digital ad for vertical stories with all the beautiful macro shots. We also did a 30s digital ad version with the lifestyle components. 

They will be able to use the content for ecomm, web + organic socials, and digital ads. The sweet content trifecta.  

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