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The Evolution of Hale

Updated: Apr 24

Evolution of Hale

Hale Production Studios began over two years ago in the San Diego neighborhood of South Park. Founded by Kirk Hensler and Alexis Asquith, Hale Production Studios specializes in capturing product and lifestyle content for a multitude of local and national brands — helping to craft the visual identity for Boochcraft, Chosen Foods, Bonafide Provisions, SmartyPants, and dozens of other brands.

Origin of Hale Production Studios

We started Hale Production Studios in a tiny studio in South Park (after Alexis walked by and became so attached to the building, she talked Kirk into it). Here, we began with family photos, weddings, and events that built our portfolio and gave us experience. However, we were only making $350 for shoots that could take up half our day.

We decided to begin pursuing the commercial brand space. Few other companies in San Diego were doing it, and it was the type of content we were naturally drawn toward.

To get a feel for shooting commercially, we began working with a few local brands that we were passionate about. We learned pretty quickly that it was a different type of process. A huge variation in this form of content creation is the planning and production that goes into each shoot. In commercial shoots, the work is only 10% of the camera.

With our team, we began developing a streamlined approach to our production process that would answer the questions and concerns clients seemed to regularly ask — and deliver product and lifestyle images in a ridiculously effective manner.

Evolution of Hale Production Studios

Then we made the big jump. We’d become tired of sourcing locations (don’t get us wrong, we’re still down to get out there) and decided to build out our production loft. The thinking was — to attract bigger brands we needed to offer more than just showing up to a location and shooting.

This first loft space, located in the East Village, featured a fully styled living room, kitchen and portrait wall with incredible natural light where the team could capture both lifestyle content and styled product images. The commercial clients came rolling in, and since then, we’ve been able to acquire a bigger, better loft in San Diego’s East Village.

This 3,700 square-foot hangar loft has 25-foot ceilings and industrial windows, perfect for the type of photos we are looking to capture. People freak out when they walk in. And that’s what we wanted to create here in San Diego.

Team Discussion

Men Smiling

Product Shoot

Living Room

In the last 18 months, we have worked with over 100 clients and put ourselves in a brand new category of content creators and this is how Evolution of Hale Production Studios happened. Our expertise in styling, our streamlined production process (including two fully styled lofts) and our unique perspective lead to content that is beautiful and ultimately effective in building the social media engagement our clients are seeking.

 Get in touch with us if your product or brand needs original content!

See behind the scenes of a studio shoot, watch the video below!


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