Our Services

We sit down with you from the first planning session all the way through to your final edits. The experience is seamless, organized, and dedicated to capturing the exact feel you’re after. Capturing commercial photography and videography - both product and lifestyle - is all we do.

Ohi breakfast food flat lay with oatmeal, papaya, coconut, kiwi on a peach background
Green raw juicery product photography with fresh kale, green apple, and lemon
Neutral colored office setting with two picture frames sitting on top of a white desk and white desk

Our Process

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Just like a full service agency, we can take care of everything from creating a shoot concept to sourcing out-of-season pluots for the perfect product flatlay. 

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This is the fun part! Our crew will be caffeinated and ready to march through your shotlist to capture gorgeous content on shoot day. 

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Edits + 1 Round of Revisions

Here's where we really shine. We know how important it is to have a constant stream of content, which is why we turn around our edits faster than we return phone calls to our families.

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There's nothing like actually being able to see what your shoot might look like. Watch us utilize our magnificent loft to capture tons of content for our client, Chosen Foods.

Watch Our Team Work Behind the Scenes

The Breakdown

Mix and match any combination of content for a half day or full day shoot.

Many of our clients work with us on retainer to create their content monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. We can adapt our services and packages to shoot any combination of content you might need — from a half day photoshoot one month to an About Us Brand Trailer the next month, and any mix in between.



There's no better model than a can of hard kombucha.


One of our specialties is product photo + video. From ecomm to styled flatlays, we can concept, style, shoot, and edit your product photography to be unmissable.

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This is where we get to really sell the vibe of your brand. And our loft helps us do that. We have created the largest and first of its kind lifestyle loft with styled and furnished sets to showcase your brand. And it's already included in our rates so there are never any additional location costs.

Need us to shoot on location? We love a trip to the beach as well.

Scene Options

Kitchen • Brick Wall • Panel Wall • Green Wall • Beige Wall • Wood Slat Wall • Seamless Backdrop • On Location

Lifestyle photo and video can be shot simultaneously.

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About Us Brand Interviews


We've got a great formula here — we help you tell your brand story in a memorable and compelling way. We start with the story/script and work our way through a shotlist for b-roll that really brings you to life. In the end, you have something that feels genuinely like you.

How To/Product Informational


One of the best ways to explain a product is to demonstrate how it actually works. Our loft and equipment allows us to set up as many as 4 cameras to capture your product from every conceivable angle so your clients will understand exactly what it is you're offering.

Stop Motion Animation


The most tedious, yet engaging, form of content that exists. Shot by shot we will use tiny tools to move one chia seed at a time to make sure your final animation is perfect. And, yes, we'll do the animation part as well. :)


Studio Rental

Hale Production Studios is a beautiful, naturally lit loft featuring a full wall of 15 foot industrial windows on the East wall, hardwood floors, 25 foot vaulted ceilings, styled sets, and industrial details.


5 hour minimum

3200 sq ft

Up to 150 people*

Lighting and equipment rentals available for an additional cost

*Current COVID regulations now limit our capacity to 15 people at a time.

We have designed it with mid-century and minimalistic furniture and neutral tones making it the perfect setting for a productive day.


We have the following furniture and sets:


  • 1 Brick Wall Living Room

  • 1 Paneled Beige Gray Wall Living Room

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Bedroom - set in green wall with spiral staircase

  • 1 Beige Corner Wall - good for portraits or styling into office, living room, bedroom, etc.

  • 1 Vertical Wooden Slat Wall

  • 1 107" W Seamless Backdrop Holder


There are 2 full living rooms - one Brooklyn style loft with white brick and another with beige paneled walls and a blue velvet sofa - a clean, minimalist kitchen, a blogger nook with a green accent wall, a corner portrait wall with beautiful morning shadows, and a large wooden conference table that comfortably seats 10, a new wooden slat wall that can be styled for anything, and a 107" seamless backdrop holder for ecomm. There are two mezzanine areas for prep/monitoring/green rooms. The entire space measures 3200 square feet.


There is also a freight elevator for moving gear.


The East Village, San Diego neighborhood is full of coffee shops and restaurants for catering, take-out, and delivery. There are also many good urban scenes around the loft that are perfect for lifestyle shooting.

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Lifestyle loft photo of modern bedroom setting with natural lighting and large windows
Modern loft kitchen with neutral colors
Modern loft living room with natural lighting and large windows