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Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring A Creative Agency

Updated: Apr 2

Finding a great creative partner is like finding a great employee - it takes time, and you have to be discerning. But once that relationship is established, it is remarkable how much easier it is to stay on track with marketing and sales objectives. 

Our Own Experience

Over the last 8 years, we've had the chance to work with 300+ brands with revenues ranging from $100K to $4B. Believe us when we say it has taught us a lot. We've made every possible error while finding our unique process. Now that we have a lot more time and experience under us, we split our time between producing content for our clients and educating both brands and other agencies on the do's and don'ts of content creation.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Creative Partner

For brands out there searching for a creative partner - here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

For other creative agencies - use this as a checklist to ensure you're in a position to grow your business and truly satisfy your clients.

Without further ado:

Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring A Creative Agency

They say yes to everything.

A genuinely balanced content partnership will feel like a collaboration where both sides trust each other to do what they do best. This can only happen when the budget is proportionate to the deliverables' expectations. Some agencies will take on every project at every budget because they fear the client will pass on them otherwise.

 This can lead to severely underfunded productions and a lack of quality that often results in the client spending more money on a reshoot.

An agency should set clear boundaries around expectations while the client still feels like all their needs are being met. This is the client-creative harmony that we all search for. The best content creation happens in this environment. 

Their creative director talks more than they listen

One of the most shocking things we’ve learned while working in this industry for a long time is that some people just need to hear themselves talk. Discovery calls become more of a dog and pony show than an opportunity to learn and understand what the client is asking for. 

When you’re searching for a creative partner, make sure you find one who is taking the time to ask questions and listen to what you are saying. If the first call is all about them, imagine what the entire length of the project will be like. 

We believe in the age-old expression that people who know the most talk the least. 

It takes them more than 48 hours to send you a proposal. 

Unless you are spending 6-figures on a major ad campaign, the proposal part is pretty simple. The client states their needs, and the agency sets their price accordingly. All of this can be done off a pre-made template with some tweaking - or simply in the body of an email (we are huge fans of this method). 

If you find yourself waiting days between each correspondence with a potential agency partner (especially in the very beginning), it is likely, that they fall further on the creative end of the spectrum than the organized side. Working with them could lead to some stellar content, but it won’t outweigh the headaches of inconsistent communication and production process. 

Connecting With Us

We love building harmonious relationships with our clients, and it starts with providing a trusted and reliable process to deliver them outstanding content every time. We hope that you can find that perfect partnership. If you have any questions - whether you're on the client or the creative side - feel free to schedule some time on our calendar.

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