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Monthly Content Creation To Save Your Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Jun 12

Having the right balance of content creation for your brand is essential. In our last blog - The Best Content Strategy To Market Your Brand - we talked about how to allocate a $10,000 monthly budget towards the various types of content. One of the essentials is commercial/studio campaign work. If you’re lucky enough to have your in-house creative team, then you probably have this dialled. For those who aren’t as fortunate, we act as an in-house creative team for many of our brand partners.


Challenges regarding Content Creation

One of the biggest challenges our clients are facing is keeping up with content creation to satisfy marketing campaign demands. They end up having to recycle content from old shoots for new campaigns. Engagement continues to lower due to their audience’s brand fatigue. 

Ideally, a brand is producing a unique shoot for each campaign launch. Ideally. But we know how expensive this can be. And how much planning goes into a shoot. Hence many brands default to recycling old content because it seems more manageable in the short term. 

Our Solution

We started offering a solution to this content conundrum. Instead of producing the occasional giant shoot for our clients where we try to capture as much content as possible for them to use throughout the quarter/year, we started doing smaller, more targeted monthly content shoots. 

How it helps in Various ways

This is helpful in so many ways:

  • We can plan shoots for specific campaigns - holidays, launches, giveaways, etc. 

  • Since the shoots are smaller in scale, we can be more agile in last-minute planning

  • Our clients can build dependable content funnels and get ahead of marketing campaigns

  • We get so familiar with our client’s products that we can run these shoots remotely, without their presence being required

  • Monthly content costs become predictable and can be built into the annual budget

Affordable Packages

Our most affordable monthly content package starts at $5500/month and includes up to 12 unique assets as well as 1 model. Usage rights are unlimited and in perpetuity. We also have packages that include partnerships with influencers for creating UGC in addition to the branded content we create. And we're not afraid of customization. If you need short video clips more than still images - we can do that.

Creative Packages

Our Successful Projects and Happy Clients

Our focus has always been on high-quality commercial photography and video services. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of health and wellness/lifestyle brands like Chosen Foods, Boochcraft, The Good Patch, Coyuchi, Birch Benders, Ripple Foods Co., SmartyPants Vitamins, BrainMD, Nature’s Sunshine, and SharkNinja. They have all trusted us for their digital content for their websites, social media platforms, and digital ad campaigns. 

Our ability to provide them with custom content to successfully market their brands has produced some amazing results. We’ve been featured by Meta for Business as well as Shopify for our work in multiplying clients’ revenue and conversions. Seeing a 2-3x increase in sales can be life-changing for a business. 

Partnership with Us

If you’re looking for an outsourced content creation partner who can act like your in-house team, send us a message or book a discovery call to learn more about our services.

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